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Text reads My Highlights Foundation scholarship will help me inspire kids!

Don’t Block your Blessings

The moral of this story is going to be a follows: Don’t block your own blessings. Despite not really believing I would receive a Highlights Scholarship, I applied. I’ve got to remember not to accept a “no” that was never said.

Butt in Chair (BIC) & Why it Vexes Me So

“STOP TELLING ME TO SIT DOWN!” is what I internally rage scream whenever I see this bit of writerly advice. Don’t get me wrong. I get it. Of course you need to get your butt in gear in order to actually write. But, follow me with this, what if with the way my life is… Read more »

Acknowledging the “What-ifs”

It’s okay to acknowledge your doubts, but don’t let your doubts keep you from progressing with your writing.