On being a mommy writer

Time is never on my side. Kids always need something. That’s what they do. That’s their job. Students always need something. That’s what they do. That’s my job. House duties never end. It’s not like I can afford a maid, so that’s my job too. Hubby helps out a great deal. Bless his heart, but there are still some days I wish I could shut out the real world and dive into the worlds I’ve created—just live the words, be with my characters as I continue to write life into them.
Times when I can solely spend dedicated to writing (that’s not in the wee hours of the morning) comes few and far between. I can’t express the joy I have when my husband announces that he’s packing up the kids so I can have a writing weekend.
But what do I do in between those writing weekends? Do I just not write? Do I look longingly at my notebooks, wishing that I could run away with them? Nope! Well…not all the time.
I use my cell phone. I’ve downloaded Google docs to my phone and I use it to continue working on manuscripts during time sucks–car line, doctor’s office, waiting for pots to boil, etc.
For bursts of ideas, I use the notes app. Finish a draft while on the go? I email it to my printer so it’s waiting for me when I get home. See something inspirational while I’m out? I snap a pic and email it to myself. Of course, I still carry around a composition book if I know I’ll be sitting somewhere for a while (like my kid’s taekwondo lesson) and I’m in the early stages of drafting. I have a big purse for that.
As writers, many of us have different obligations. We may not always have the time we want to write, but we should always try to best use and manage the time that we have.

6 Responses to “On being a mommy writer”

    • Ashley Franklin

      Thanks for reading! I think it helps to know that so many of us experience similar obsticals as we chase our dreams.

    • Anonymous

      I really understand how valuable time is. Keep up the good work and stay dedicated to your craft. The Breakthrough is coming soon. ✏️

      • Ashley Franklin

        Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for reading.

  1. katrinamoorebooks

    It’s like you wrote this for me 🙂 5 min. of writing at a time plus a lot of “mind” writing adds up! This has been my process for 4 years since I’ve been a mom and I’ve produced 40+ picture book manuscripts this way 🙂

    • Ashley Franklin

      Agreed! I write in the car line while waiting for the kids, while my kids are in the tub, during their nap time, etc. The time does add up, especially if you’ve been putting in mental work.