Storystorm: PiBoIdMo 2.0

storystorm_participant Today is the first day of StoryStorm. You may be more familiar with its previous name: PiBoIdMo. Tara Lazar is once again bringing the goods, and this time, with the move of the initiative from its November time slot, we can all start off our year in the best possible way: with hopeful creativity and a supportive community.
Sure, StoryStorm is for writers, but non-writers can benefit from the principles. Write down a bunch of things that interest you. Write down one thing a day. Here’s another twist: take the time to write down something that makes you happy every day for a month. Keep these items in a jar and refer back to them on a day when you’re down or when you’re in a funk.
Really, whatever you decide to do or not do this year, make it count. Don’t shortchange yourself. There’s only one you, and 2016 (if nothing else) taught us that how long we have on Earth is unknown. Do what makes you happy. Let the smile on your face be so genuine that it infects others. Be the light in the world you want to see. If we all did that, imagine how bright things would be.

2 Responses to “Storystorm: PiBoIdMo 2.0”

  1. Beth Stilborn

    This is a fabulous post, and StoryStorm is a fabulous way to begin the new year. (I’m so grateful Tara broadened the focus this year — since I no longer write picture books, it no longer quite fit me as PiBoIdMo.)
    Your last paragraph is particularly meaningful to me. It will keep me buoyed up through the coming year. Thank you.

    • Ashley Franklin

      Beth, I had so many negative things happen in my life in 2016, but I realized that happiness really is a choice. We can easily focus on the bad, but putting that positive energy out there does wonders for each of us on a personal level and for the community as a whole.