My first SCBWI meeting

Do you SCBWI? I do. Okay, I just went to my first meeting out in Madisonville, La.on Saturday. I had no idea what to expect, so I did the most logical thing I could think of: I convinced my husband that he wanted to go. He went alright. He happens to know everyone everywhere, so he conjured up a friend and left after a grand total of maybe 10 minutes. But hey, spousal support is cool, so I’ll take it.
Anyway, it was pretty chill. I easily work myself up about social situations, but I’m fine once I’m actually in them. I am the queen of overthinking. We sat in a giant rectangle. There were introductions. There were announcements. There were readings. It was nowhere near as scary or intimidating as I thought it was going to be.
I met some really nice people though. The folks there are all at different points in their writing journeys, and it was just nice to see other writers in real life. Most of the writers I know I only know via social media, so I saw real people instead of virtual people.
Tanget 1: That sounds like an odd twist on Pinocchio or something, doesn’t it?
Tangent 2: I really thought life now would be more like the Jetsons. I am so disappointed.
Tangent 3: “Virtual people” instantly made me think of the Jetsons. Why does nothing make me think of the Flintstones?
So anyway, it was just nice to be surrounded by like-minded folk trying to navigate successful writing projects and/or writing careers.