A girl now has an agent

Yeah, that’s right. I officially have a new agent. The whole process of initial querying to phone calls to stressing out and losing sleep over the decision took less than a month. I know being in the query trenches can be time consuming, so I was shocked at how quickly this happened. I was honestly… Read more »

When a girl who has no agent starts looking for one

I’m back in the query trenches, and it’s terrifying! Creating something from nothing isn’t just talent. It’s a gift. Now to find an agent who wants to help me share this gift with the world.

On leaving my agent

I know you’re probably shocked to see me post since I haven’t posted in ages, and for that I apologize. You see, when your life revolves around your use of words, you sometimes have to know when not to run your mouth. I’ve posted several times about my desire to be transparent with you about… Read more »

Of course, hard work, but LUCK!

Hey, writer! Clearly we work hard to hone our crafts. Some of us spend years in the query trenches. Many of us spend a great deal of money  on critiques, books, conferences, and courses. Does that guarantee our success? Absolutely not. When you are frustrated, and maybe even irritable, with where you are in your writing… Read more »

On being bad at waiting

I suck at waiting. I am crazy impatient. Guess what you can’t be when you’re working towards being a published writer: impatient. I distinctly remember waiting to hear back from agents as being ridiculously agonizing? I had to stop my emails from getting pushed to my phone. I didn’t know what to expect after I… Read more »