Why Cree had to win the day

Why Cree had to win the day

I took an unexpected detour on my writing journey and did a bit of editing. How did that happen? An old college friend who knew of my published picture book quest reached out to me. When she told me of what she and a colleague wanted to do, I couldn’t say no. They didn’t just want to write a picture book, they wanted to birth a unique character to add to children’s bookshelves. That’s just what they did.
Ti and Lora created a perfectly imperfect African-American girl character. Think on that. Two African-American women from Philly saw a void and filled it. It’s as simple as that. See a need. Fill a need. While self-publishing can come with its difficulties, they persisted. Their community of friends, family, and loved ones helped their dream become a reality. Not only did Cree win the day, Lora and Ti did as well.
Cree Wins the Day isn’t just a story for girls. I have two boys, and the closest rival to this book in our home right now is Pete the Cat. What makes Cree so appealing to them? My 5yo likes that Cree wets the bed. My 2yo likes Cree going to school. (Those are all the spoilers you get. Go buy the book  from Amazon if you want to know more.)
Cree embraces what makes her different. Cree’s abilities, that sometimes make her days  a little crummy, show readers that our day-to-day lives may not be perfect or go as expected and that’s okay. We should always love ourselves and know who helps us to have a healthy mental space. That’s a lesson anyone can get behind.


  1. Kudos to you guys for publishing a children’s book featuring an African-American character! I believe that there should be more representation of minority groups in children’s literature and overall. That’s great that you guys are trying to fill the gap 🙂

    1. Tiaisha Dandy

      Hi Sophie!
      Thank you for your feedback– greatly appreciated. It was important for us to write a book that was reflective of us as black girls, now black women. Children of color need to see more books that resemble them when looking to choose books.
      I hope you have a chance to read the story. Please tell us what you think.
      Ti Dandy and Lora Bynum

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