Lemonade anyone?

Life has been pelting me with lemons! I do have carpal tunnel, so I recently had to get those steroid injections in both wrists. That kind of sucked. It put me in a real funk, honestly.
Nothing has really been moving on the publishing front. I’m getting more accustomed to the waiting. I’m not nearly as antsy as I was before. I think it has a great deal to do with the fact that I’m not just sitting around waiting to hear back from editors or publishers.
I’m still revising picture books, and I’m working on a chapter book. If nothing else, I know for a fact that staying busy is key.
Carpal tunnel has slowed me down some, but I’ll just consider it an extended brainstorming session.

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0 thoughts on “Lemonade anyone?

    1. I’m about to have to unlink my email from my phone again! I thought I had a better handle on waiting than I actually do, so I’d set it back up.

  1. Hello,
    Found your site after looking through publishing topics. I love what you have going on over here and with your permission, I would like to become a follower.
    Speaking about life giving you lemons and telling us to make lemonade. Now I can’t get past the commercial on tv with Ice-T. “Ice Tea? Lemonade, can’t you people read?” I have always found that when life gets tough, it really helps to laugh.

    1. Thanks for following, Rob! It is so easy to get frustrated while on the journey to publication, I sometimes have to remind myself to simply relax. Besides, it’s a blessing to be able to chase our dreams at all.

      1. My problem is that when I dream, it is in color and High Definition. That really makes it tough to be happy with small successes.
        Keep on the path and victory will be yours.

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